Are Taylor Swift and NFL Travis Kelce getting engaged this summer?

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Taylor Swift and NFL Travis Kelce

Rumours went viral that Taylor Swift and NFL Travis Kelce would get engaged this summer, according to Page Six. Swift’s camp has hinted that they are trying to solidify their relationship. Although there is no confirmation as no insider has commented on this.

 Taylor Swift and NFL Travis Kelce
 Taylor Swift and NFL Travis Kelce

Last year in December there were some rumors about the couple getting engaged during the winter vacations. Speculations were made that Travis will propose around Taylor Swift’s birthday.

But current rumours indicate that the couple decided to slow down against Kelce asking the question during the Christmas break because they didn’t want it to come out as hasty or impetuous.

Through the insider, the information came out that Kelce will not propose to Swift on Valentine’s Day. The insider stated, “Taylor and Travis discussed it and there is something planned.”

“In July, on their one-year anniversary, they will get engaged.” Page Six exclusively revealed in December 2023 that the football player had requested the singer’s father, Scott Swift, for the singer’s hand for marriage.

According to a close source to Kelce, Travis has been discussing a ring with near ones, and Scott has been asked for and has given his permission enthusiastically.

In September 2023, Swift had his first public appearance with Kelce when the singer of Love Story came to see him play for the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium. Swift later disclosed that they had been dating since longer in her interview with Time Magazine.

Following Kelce’s July 2023 reveal in New Heights podcast about asking Swift her phone number during an Eras tour concert,after that the two began dating.

Time was informed by Swift, “We started hanging out right after that.” We really spent a good deal of time together without anyone knowing, which is something I’m thankful for as it allowed us to get to know one another.

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“When you say a relationship is public, that implies I get to watch him do what he loves, we support each other, and we don’t care about other people,” she added. On the other hand, you have to make an effort to ensure that nobody finds out that you’re seeing someone.

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