Big waves at Mavericks Beach in California draw surfers, ‘super stoked’ spectators

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Mavericks Beach

In northern California outside Pillar Point Harbor north of the town of Half Moon Bay which is the best place for surfers, big waves were seen there thundering at California on Thursday which attracted the people and suffers which is almost 40-60 feet Miguel Blanco said.

The waves were too high as well as dangerous, many people were collect to see the beauty of  nature but some of them were injured very critically. 

The wave was so strong and high that it didn’t leave the professionals suffering too, only some of them were able to surf safely one of them was injured between the waves, but now he will be safely in his home in Hawai.

San Mateo County officials warned the public that it was very dangerous for them to just stay away from this for now but the people were not ready to accept that they wanted to enjoy the nature they wanted to see the large waves with their presence. Many people were there to enjoy and watch those high waves some of them were really enjoy but some of them also injured. 

That was too dangerous but the brave suffers were there to challenge those waves, and they really did good suffering, although it was too dangerous they were injured very badly.

The waves were looking very beautiful but too dangerous it was not easy to capture the images,

Mavericks Beach

well according to the public it was really amazing to watch those waves it was wonderful that how much it long specially suffers were excited. 

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