Britney Spears give befitting reply to accusations made by her kids

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Britney Spears
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Britney Spears, a well known artist has gone through some allegations from her own kids. Her son has made some remarks on her parenting which forced her to reply publically.

Brittany said, “in some situations parents try hard to be liked by the society so badly that they’re prepared to make life-altering decisions for their kids who aren’t old enough to fully understand the repercussions of those choices”.

“I’m grateful that my parents didn’t force me to change your gender throughout my tomboy phase. Children should be left alone till then”, she continued.

On Wednesday, Brittany claimed that her statements had been misinterpreted while simultaneously promoting clothing with the recognisable Barbie font and the phrase “Do not even step on our babies” embroidered on t-shirts and sweaters.

In response to her son Jayden’s recent claims that he and his brother Sean, 16, have broken all ties with her, singer Britney Spears has responded to it. He also helped Jamie Spears, Britney’s father (and his grandfather), who was Britney’s conservator for 13 years.

Spears posted a comprehensive explanation of her activities throughout the years on her Instagram account.

She also called out her ex-husband Kevin Federline to be the reason when I cannot be around my kids. She asserted, she has done every possible thing to be a great person.

“I was not able to essentially be held prisoner in houses with phoney nurses. I hope my children will one day agree with my choices and decisions”.

She clarified that, “I understand your urge to stay with your father as I had to play the perfect candidate for fifteen years for nothing, when my ex-husband and your father were sitting unemployed for 15 years while the children were born and raised.

When Jayden passed the comments, he said in an interview why he had eliminated all the connections with their mother. He declared, “My brother and I did not feel particularly comfortable in the type of atmosphere she provided for us.” To which she replied, “I’m pretty sure that the atmosphere given by your dad in which he regularly smokes is comfortable and improves your lifestyle at 15 or 16 to participate in a highly cool generation”. 

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