Couple, Sarah Herron and Dylan Brown expecting twins; Reveals Gender of their babies

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Sarah Herron and Dylan Brown

Sarah Herron shares the exciting news with her Instagram followers. Through the process of IVF, the Bachelor alum Sarah Herron and husband Dylan Brown are expecting their first child as twins. Herron disclosed this news on her Instagram story.

Reality television posted an ultrasound picture with the caption, “Today’s checkup went well, and the kids are developing on time! The next appointment is in three weeks. The infants seem very chubby and round! “Little Rolly pollies!”

ultrasound photo. SARAH HERRON/INSTAGRAM

After coming from the ultrasound, she explained, “This was the first ultrasound, and at that time I thought I was expecting triplets because there were three gestational sacs when I went in for my first ultrasound, which is incredibly bizarre and something I haven’t discussed yet”.

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She wrote, “This indicates that, although baby A attempted to separate into identical twins, neither a yolk nor a fetal pole ever developed. I had a heart attack for approximately 15 seconds when I realized there would be triplets”.

She said, “He’s very chipper as always,” and thanked Brown in a note accompanying another close-up of her ultrasound, which identified the twins as “Baby A” and “Baby B.”

Since 2017 the couple, Herron and Brown have been transparent about their IVF experience, after their son Oliver’s untimely loss at 24 weeks in January 2023, and their road toward fertility. In June, Herron said that following a protracted in vitro fertilization (IVF) journey had led them to take a step ahead for their family planning.

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On her Instagram Story, the mom-to-be announced that in 12 days it’s Oliver’s birthday and it ‘hurts so bad’. So she firmly states that Oliver is “sending me these little girls to comfort me right now.”

By saying this she reveals the gender of her twins. A pair is gonna welcome two girls to this beautiful world. There are some indications all over the place that make her think of Oliver and that the twins are female.

After revealing the gender of the babies she said sorry for ruining the surprise. She also stated that we knew from the start of the gender of every embryo we had.

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