Did Taylor Swift’s Cousin, “Danny Frye” Set Her Up With Travis Kelce? Read Danny’s answer.

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Danny Frye III and Taylor

Danny Frye III, Taylor Swift’s second cousin, claims to have played a key part in establishing the relationship between the Grammy-winning singer, Taylor Swift, and the Super Bowl champion, Travis Kelce.

Love tales frequently include unsung heroes, and in the case of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s romantic journey, a surprise revelation has just been discovered.

Danny Frye III revealed recently in a TikTok video interview with FloRacing that he had some hand in setting up Swift and Kelce. Although Frye did not spit beans much, he touched on the topic by saying attending Kansas City Chiefs games with both celebrities, implied a strong relationship.

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On December 10, 2023, Frye uploaded a screenshot of him and Taylor Swift exchanging excited looks during a Chiefs game versus the Buffalo Bills. This photographic proof added some more speculations to the discussion, with Swifties questioning the same lover that had earlier hinted about.

Kelce revealed in a November interview with WSJ magazine that a mutual understanding served as a matchmaker, urging Swift to establish contact. While the name of the mystery matchmaker remains unknown, people are betting on Jason Sudeikis, Swift’s close friend and a die-hard Chiefs fan.

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Kelce expressed gratitude towards FOX Sports commentators Erin Andrews and Charissa Thompson, who previously encouraged Swift to date their friend Travis. Despite the mystery surrounding their initial connection, Swift and Kelce’s relationship has flourished since they officially confirmed their romance in September 2023.

As fans eagerly await more revelations, the love story between the Grammy-winning artist and the Super Bowl champion continues to capture hearts, adding another layer to the enigmatic world of celebrity romances.

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