Janice Dickinson is Rolling Into 2023 with a New Single

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Photo Credit: Ryan Jerome

Janice Dickinson – America’s self-proclaimed first supermodel was born in Brooklyn, N.Y. in 1955. She’s best known for conquering the covers of Vogue magazines worldwide and judging on America’s Next Top Model for four seasons. She is a fixture in the reality TV world with her Oxygen network series, The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency, which documents Dickinson’s efforts to staff and operate a Hollywood modeling agency. After decades in the entertainment industry, Janice is now shifting her focus towards a fresh path in the music scene. Her debut single, “I Coined It” back in 2022 packs a unique punch of dance/pop created to get on you on the dance floor. Now she is rolling into the new year strong with new music that sets the scene for a perfect strut down the runway. Janice’s newest single “Get Into It” will be released on all streaming platforms on March 31st! 

Today we had the pleasure of interviewing artist Janice Dickinson, who is hitting the pop scene strong in 2023.

  1. What was the creative process behind the making of “Get Into It” 

Just as the title says, it means several things: get onto the dance floor, be positive, and be kind to those less fortunate.

2.              What was your favorite part about working on this song?

The process of going into the studios and working with the producers recording over and over until we got it perfect.

3.              What inspired you to pursue music? 

The greatest singer, Aretha Franklin. She inspired me with her songs, Respect, Spanish Harlem, etc.

4.              How has your background as a model and TV personality influenced your music career? 

Well, I’m not afraid to be on stage.  Being the first supermodel and having the JDMA and ANTM, putting in very hard work in each.

5.              What do you hope listeners will take away from this song? 

I hope for joy and a great feeling because it’s a dance song and there is nothing greater than getting on the dance floor and shaking your booty.

Photo Credit: Ryan Jerome

6.              Do you have any plans to release more music in the future? 

I think I’ll release a new song every 2-3 months. Depending on inspiration.

7.              Who would be your dream collaborator for a future music project?

It would be Stevie Nicks, a singer I truly respect. I love the band.

8.              How do you stay connected to your fans and engage with your audience?

By working on Instagram and Tiktok, my followers can give me feedback and I value their comments. But also I’m so attuned to the audience when I perform and afterward I always stay and chat with them.

9.             How do you balance your music career with other aspects of your life?

By taking each day as it comes and never putting too much on my plate that I can’t finish, and carving out time for family.

10.          What’s next for Janice Dickinson in terms of music, and in general? 

I intend to keep recording in the studio, turning out new music, especially for dance, and I’m enjoying my new grandson.

website OfficialJanice Dickinson.com 

Instagram: janicedickinson 

TikTok: officialjanicedickinson

Spotify: Janice Dickinson

Get it Now Single: Get Into It – Single by Janice Dickinson | Spotify

Photo Credits: Ryan Jerome

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