“Kristen Stewart” features on Rolling Stone; Internet users not happy with this, read their reactions!

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Kristen Stewart

The recent magazine cover story features “Kristen Stewart” sporting a black leather jacket and one hand inside her underwear. But, social media users are not happy with the cover image or the idea. 

In the current Rolling Stone cover story, actress Kristen Stewart goes “uncensored.” But her images and thoughts aren’t the only things that are uncensored. Her picture is on the cover, posing with one hand inside her underpants while wearing a black leather jacket.

Kristen Stewart
Kristen Stewart / Rolling stone

Rolling Stone has Kristen in a never-before-seen avatar on the cover of their most recent edition, which was revealed on the publication’s official Instagram account. “After over two decades in the spotlight, Kristen Stewart knows who she is and what she wants,” stated the tagline that went with the cover.

Our March cover star delves deeply into her identity, navigating the public glare as a queer woman, writing her feature film, and engaging in “the gayest thing you’ve witnessed in your entire life.”

Not only that but Kristen is also seen posing in what appears to be a locker area in another photo that the magazine posted. In one photo, she’s wearing a loose, rust-coloured Nike tank top. In the second picture, she’s sporting a rust-coloured T-shirt that says, “Animal.” In the third, she is pictured sitting on a ledge in a room corner, with two nude bodies; one belonging to a woman and the other to a man lurking around on either side. People say, What unites every image in the collection? Her white panties!

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“Kristen Stewart wanted her Rolling Stone cover to make a statement about gender norms, hypersexualization, and moving left of andro”. She notes, “The reason I managed to finish the Twilight series without ever performing a Rolling Stone cover is because the boys were the sex symbols.” The other post’s caption said, “Now, I want to do the gayest fucking thing you’ve ever seen in your life.”

Internet users are not happy with this and posted comments on the post. “They did her dirty,” one commenter said. Another comment states, “Physically, the entire photo shoot appears unclean, and Kristen deserves better”. 

“I am a big fan of Kristen and Rolling Stone, but is this shoot not it for me?” another user said. Another person brought up the question, “What happened to rock music? This magazine used to cover music stories then this?”.

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