Leonardo DiCaprio congratulates Lily Gladstone’s nomination for Best Actress at the Oscar Award

Kajal Kashyap
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Leonardo DiCaprio and Lily Gladstone

Leonardo DiCaprio always supports and cheers for Lily Gladstone. He is her biggest supporter.  The 37-year-old actress shared a moment on Thursday when she revealed in a new interview with Extra that her 49-year-old costar from Killers of the Flower Moon was among the first to text her following her nomination for Best Actress at the Oscars. 

“He was incredibly proud, and I informed him that while my parents and I were celebrating me, we were also feeling quite bad for you,” she claimed. 

Because the actor did not receive a nomination for the Best Actor category, many thought DiCaprio was neglected.

Gladstone told Extra that DiCaprio is “the greatest actor.” “He did a wonderful job in this, and, like, just, he made a difficult character just so lively, and it made my job so much easier,” Gladstone said.

She added further, “But you know, he told me right before the Globes, ‘No matter the outcome, I think you’re amazing and I’m proud of you.”

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The former cast member of Titanic also wrote a heartfelt congratulatory greeting on Instagram, where he kept highlighting her latest achievements. 

“My dear friend @LilyGladstone, congratulations on becoming the first Native American woman to get the nod for Best Actress in Killers of the Flower Moon”.

“She is the fourth Indigenous actress to ever receive a nomination in this category,” he said as the caption followed a picture posted of her. 

“And to the nine other nominees for this powerful film narrating this story with all of you has been an honor,” he continued. 

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Gladstone replied to his post by saying, “Leo, thank you for everything”

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