Megan fox and Machine Gun Kelly holds hands when they join friends Kourtney and Travis in Landon Barker birthday concert!

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Megan fox and Machine Gun Kelly
Megan fox and Machine Gun Kelly / image by social media

Megan fox and Machine Gun Kelly was seen ready for a romantic night date in their friends birthday party concert on Sunday October 16. They held hands on their way to Landon Barker Concert. The pop punk star who is 32 and transformers actress who is 36 looked stunning and ready to hang out with their pals Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker, as they celebrated the Blink-182 drummer‘s son.

Both of them looked stunning with each other. Megan looked stylish in white jacket with a matching white hat and black pants. Together with leather platform heels. On the other hand MGK looked sported in a grey jacket and with a matching pair of baggy pants. Moreover he rocked with a black t shirt and gold chain as he held the actress hand.

Their friends Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker also looked stylish in their outfits. The Lemma founder rocked the party in all black outfit. It combines with a silver design on her long sleeve top and her leggings. Not only Kourtney Kardashian but Travis Barker also rocked with by wearing a white T shirt,  black beanie and bleach-washed black pants. Kourtney Kardashian shared a glimpse of her to show how excited she was for her stepson’s  “sold out show”. It was shared by her in her official Instagram account.

MGK and Megan have been engaged since January this year and they have been friends with Kourtney and Travis since a long time. However Megan advised Travis to marry a touring musician which will help him. Now Travis also announced about his world tour with Blink 182 in 2023. Kourtney and Travis expressed their feelings and thanked their friends Megan and MGK for attending the party. Moreover Megan fox and Machine Gun Kelly looked stunning when they walked in by holding each other’s hand.

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