Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams spending leisure time at Walt Disney Land

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Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams

Here we witness the love birds spending quality time in the Walt Disney World. Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams spending their last day of January. 

In a video posted on the website of the entertainment resort, the couple, accompanied by friends Ben and Jessica Higgins, visited the amusement park and visited the Expedition Everest.

Hyland, 33, opens the video by stating that she is “so excited” to ride the roller coaster at Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park. The journey starts with her kiss to 39-year-old Adams.

Adams and Hyland laugh while screaming through the ride’s several drops. Hyland exclaims, “I love that ride so much,” as it begins to slow down. That’s the finest, isn’t it? 

“Can we go again?” Adams asks in response.

“That was awesome!” exclaims Higgins, 34, after Hyland informs viewers that they will be heading to “check out some animals” after the group gets off the ride.

The attraction includes, “features loud noises, fast drops, high speeds, dark places, and frightening creature effects,” according to the Disney website. Adams posted pictures from their vacation to Instagram, including them enjoying other rides, such as the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.

“I’ve dreamed about Guardians of the Galaxy every night since leaving,” Higgins wrote in the caption to the post. In addition, he uploaded his vacation images on Instagram, declaring that the “good times are here to stay.”

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Hyland posted pictures of the group watching a fireworks display and in front of Cinderella Castle on her Instagram.

In August 2022, Hyland and Adams tied the knot after a three-year engagement period. This past November, Hyland celebrated her 33rd birthday, and Adams posted adorable pictures of the two on Instagram with a loving caption.

“Happy birthday to my lovely partner. These are a number of the selfies we took when we were engaged. I’m so grateful that we were able to connect, even though I’m not sure what I did to deserve you. You are a true soulmate and greatest friend of mine. Whatever you say, I love you more, plus one,” his caption stated.

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