Taylor Swift cheers fans at the NFL Playoffs; Kansas City Chiefs’ game VS the Miami Dolphins

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Taylor Swift cheers fans at the NFL

On Saturday, Taylor Swift was spotted cheering her boyfriend Travis Kelce, during the Kansas City Chiefs’ game versus the Miami Dolphins. The chiefs won 26-7.

12-time Grammy winner, Swift joined her fellow Chiefs supporters in singing and swaying, when the victory was near.

Taylor Swift was seen cheering Travis Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs progressed in the NFL Playoffs on Saturday night. The Chiefs won seven receptions and 34-year-old Kelce for 71 yards.

Swift, sitting in the box between Donna Kelce and Brittany Mahomes,gained the limelight when she started joyfully singing along with other Chiefs supporters.

The finals of “The Super Bowl” will happen in Las Vegas on Sunday, February 11.

As per prediction, The Chiefs by the Kansas City Star have a 70% chance of winning the Super Bowl. The Chiefs, who won the championship twice in 2020 and 2023, would be making their fourth trip to the championship game in the previous five years.

The “Anti-Hero” singer was seen giving fans high fives from the window of her box seat, dressed warmly. Swift gave a wave and a high five with her right red-gloved hand, matching her red puffer jacket with “Kelce” and his jersey number “87” sewed on the front, back, and sleeves.

One of the fans was seen wearing a jacket with the words “Swift” and “89,” a reference to Swift’s 1989 birth year and album title.

Kelce had at least 1,000 receiving yards in each of his last seven seasons and Mahomes, 28, said he hoped to throw the ball to Kelce enough times in the Chiefs’ season finale to get him an eighth-straight season with 1,000 yards or more.

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Throughout the season, the “Love Story” singer regularly went to Chiefs games and sat in a fancy box with Kelce’s parents and the family of other players.

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