Travis Kelce apologizes to head coach Andy Reid for shouting at him at the 2024 Super Bowl Finale

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Travis Kelce apologizes to head coach Andy Reid

A clip from the 2024 Super Bowl went viral where Travis Kelce talks about his outburst towards head coach Andy Reid. On the most recent episode of the New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce podcast, which was released on Wednesday, the 34-year-old Kansas City Chiefs player acknowledged that he “crossed the line” and apologized for the outburst, which resulted in him bumping into Reid, 65, and screaming at him, making him stumble.

“So Big Red, apologies if I nabbed you using that stupid shot baby,” he said. Social media users were talking about the intense scene between Reid and Kelce both during and after the Kansas City Chiefs’ 25-22 overtime victory over the San Francisco 49ers.

Brother and co-host Jason Kelce informed Travis, “I think we can both agree that you crossed the line.” On Inside the NFL on Tuesday, a video of the outburst was posted, with the audio from the incident edited out.

Isiah Pacheco, the running back for the Chiefs, mishandled the ball just short of scoring early in the second quarter, giving the team a lead against the San Francisco 49ers. Then, without being in the game at the time of the play, Kelce marched over to Reid, banging into him and yelling as he grabbed his left arm.

Reid seemed to take a few steps off balance before gaining his footing, and while Kelce was still ranting at the coach, teammate Jerick McKinnon escorted him away.

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He clarified that his outburst was “the battle of my career,” adding that it “emerged at a point where we weren’t doing well at all, I wasn’t playing very well, and… those emotions get away from me.” He claimed that after the outburst, he and Reid “chuckled” about it in their post-incident conversations.

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