Zendaya reveals she will be part of Dune 3; “Waiting for Director’s Call”, she says

Kajal Kashyap
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Zendaya Dune 3

Zendaya is excited to reprise her role as Chani in a future “Dune 3” movie. She is waiting for the director’s call. The winds of the desert allude to Zendaya returning to Arrakis to play Chani. Her commitment is to the vision of filmmaker Denis Villeneuve, though. Yes, she is excited, but Zendaya understands that Dune 3 is a beast unto itself, and she knows that waiting for Villeneuve’s brilliant touch will make the comeback even more spectacular.

Zendaya said in a recent conversation with Fandango that it appears simple to decide to come back for a future Dune Part 3 movie, before the release of Dune: Part Two. The Euphoria actress confidently announced that she will most certainly reprise her role as Chani in a later franchise entry.

“Could we be in trouble? “Of course,” Zendaya spat back in response to a question on her involvement in the upcoming Dune film. 

What is stopping her? Variety claims that the actress is only squandering “a call.” Denis Villeneuve will direct the third Dune film whenever he feels it’s appropriate, but the film hasn’t received a nomination yet.

“Whenever Denis calls, I say yes,” she stated. She stated further, “I’m eager to find out what occurs. I felt like thinking, Wow, I’m just shooting the first movie when I started initially”. 

She continued, “Just let me revisit the initial one. Although there is a lot to process, Denis is the one with the greatest love and care for it”.

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Before this, Villeneuve announced that he intended to advance the franchise to a third level and even revealed that by December of last year, the writing for the next episode was almost finished. When asked about the film series’ future, Zendaya said she was excitedly anticipating it.

On March 1, Dune: Part Two, which starred Timothée Chalamet, Florence Pugh, Josh Brolin, Rebecca Ferguson, and Austin Butler, is expected to hit cinemas. 

During a press conference in South Korea, Villeneuve stated, “Part Two” is a far superior film to the original Dune.

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