“Barbie” movie Director, Greta Gerwig and Star Margot Robbie were not nominated for Oscar Awards; John Stamos, America Ferrera and Gosling showed disappointment

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Greta Gerwig and Star Margot Robbie

John Stamos shows support for director Greta Gerwig and Star Margot Robbie‘s Oscar snubs for the hit movie “Barbie”. 

The 60-year-old Full House alum posted a video to Instagram with the statement, “This one goes out to Greta Gerwig and Margot Robbie who produced a film that proved to be both a critical success and a cultural phenomenon, digging into feminist themes through the lens of Barbie and challenging patriarchal norms.”

Stamos went on, “This movie not only made over a billion dollars in revenue, but it also created an emotional connection with the audience. Ironically, though, the Academy refused on both of the women. This evening, everybody should watch Barbie again”.

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Stamos and his spouse, Caitlin McHugh, reenacted a scene from the 2023 movie in the video. As Robbie’s Barbie, McHugh, 37, played the part, and Stamos played Ryan Gosling’s Ken.

The lines used in the video are from the scene where Barbie asks Ken to disappear while they travel to the real world. In the backyard recreation, Stamos attempts to keep himself occupied while McHugh, the actress from Vampire Diaries, looks after their plants. 

Gosling, who was nominated for Best Supporting Actor, expressed his displeasure that Robbie, and Gerwig, did not receive nominations for Best Actress and Best Director, respectively.

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Gosling, 43, said in a statement released with PEOPLE, “There is no Barbie without Greta Gerwig and Margot Robbie, the two artists who took responsibility for this history-making, internationally recognized movie”. America Ferrera, who was nominated for a Best Supporting Actress award for her role in the film, also stated that she is “extremely sad” that the two did not nod nominations. 

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Ferrera, 39, told the media that “Greta has conducted nearly everything a filmmaker might have done to deserve it.”She continued. “She is not on that list, which is disheartening.”

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