Brandy Clark gets 6 nods for Grammy Awards; Musician Never won but “Grateful” for nominations

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Brandy Clark

Veteran Music Artist, Brandy Clark has received a lot of attention and numerous nominations from the Grammys, but she has never taken home the trophy. 

Let’s see if something changes and she wins during Sunday’s 66th Annual Grammy Awards. But the Washington native doesn’t seem to be at all disturbed by it. She is delighted to be present there nominated.

Clark, 48, says to PEOPLE, “I think those times where I used to assume that there was no way I might become an artist.” 

She continued, “I recall the girl who believed that my sexual orientation prevented her from being attractive enough or that she couldn’t accomplish this. I simply decided to move forward despite those insecurities.”

“Go ahead, she’s done”, said.

This year, Clark is up for six Grammys: Best Americana Album for Brandy Clark, Best Americana Performance and Best Americana Roots Song for “Dear Insecurity” with Brandi Carlile, Best Americana Song and Best Country Solo Performance for “Buried,” and Best musical theatre album for Shucked.

With 17 nominations to her credit, Clark is the most nominated country musician to never win a Grammy. “It’s a good lesson to not let insecurity rule you,” she adds.

 Even so, Clark is the first to acknowledge that despite her parents’ best efforts when she was a little child growing up in Washington, she has battled many insecurities throughout her life.

In the music video for the emotionally charged song “Dear Insecurity,” which is nominated for a Grammy and features Clark and the equally incredible Carlile, she has talked about some of the intricacies of her fears.

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Recently, they have written the music and lyrics for the Broadway hit show “Shucked”, which is their most recognized creation. 

She says one of her fears is that because I’m part of a group of extremely talented people, I’ve always felt anxious about my skill, says Clark. But she realizes, “However, perhaps I should move on from that.”

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