Maya Ixta Delgado is Her Own Person

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Photo Credit: Shandon Youngclaus

Photo Credit: Shandon Youngclaus

Maya Delgado is an actress and singer/songwriter in Los Angeles that is taking Hollywood by storm! She loves performing and expressing herself through her acting roles and musical performances. I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Maya on her latest projects and her unique take on social media.

Thank you for this interview! Tell us about your latest project.

In my most recent role, I played “Valerie” on “All American” on the CW. This project was really fun because my character celebrates her Quinceañera and I actually had mine last summer. It was like having my party all over again! I loved that I could express a part of my culture in the role. It’s always something I look for in a role or project. Also, my short film, “The HIVE”, was accepted to the Burbank Film Festival and the Latino FEEDBACK Festival. I’m so thankful and it makes me even more excited for the next short film I’m shooting this summer. 

What do you love the most about performing live?

There’s an atmosphere during live performances that is really special, and I like to create a space where people can be free, let go, and feel different emotions in relation to my songs. For me, the most important thing about a live performance is the people attending because that’s who I’m serving, why I’m there, and why I love performing. 

How do you prepare for live performances?

A lot of people have little rituals or things they do before a performance.  Mine is a deep breathing session for sure because before a show you can have so much adrenaline or nervousness. I always try to convert that into energy or excitement for the show. If I’m a part of an ensemble or in a musical or I’m performing with other people, checking in with them before you go on is really important. I love performing with others because we are all “in the same boat” and can give each other words of encouragement.

You are also a popular content creator. How important is social media today to further a career?

Overall, social media has become a tool that people use to market themselves, post about their projects, and show their creativity to the masses. It’s something you can use to your advantage, but it’s not the most crucial thing in the world for me. Don’t let social media dictate your career, let your social media be about your career and lead with that.

Photo Credit: Rochelle Brodin

How do you handle negative comments on your social media?

I don’t take anything on social media personally. There’s a lot of negativities on social media that I stay away from.  Although I have rarely gotten negative comments, when I do, I block or delete things that make me uncomfortable or unhappy. I know whoever is leaving negative things on my page or someone else’s social media is probably struggling with something in their own life. When I think about all of those things, negative comments don’t really bother me.

What advice do you have for anyone who may experience negativity on their social media?

If there are accounts that don’t make you feel good, or if there is an account that is bothering you or leaving rude comments, you have the ability to block it out of your life. That doesn’t mean you ignore it, but social media is so engraved into people’s lives that sometimes you have to take a break. Sometimes I’ll delete my social apps because I need a “cleanse” from the internet. But I’ll get back on once I feel I’m ready or want to. Your account is your space, don’t let anyone creep their way in and take over your space.

Do you have any new music coming up in the next few months?

I have been working on original music to put together an E.P., which is really exciting! I have a few songs coming out later this year and early next year. I’ve been working a lot on writing and producing my own music and along the way, learning a lot about myself 🙂

Where can we follow you on social media?

Instagram: @mayasdelgado


Photo Credit: Rochelle Brodin

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