Emma Stone’s customized gown for the BAFTA event took 400 hours to complete design

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Emma Stone's customized gown

Emma Stone’s personalized gown especially designed for BAFTAs event is a further expression of her attachment towards her character, Bella Baxter, from Poor Things.

Once more, Emma Stone has proved her affection for her work. At the BAFTAs 2024, the Oscar winner who may as well be getting closer to her second Academy Award soon wore a couture peach gown in keeping with her Poor Things marketing. Vogue revealed what longtime stylist Petra Flannery had to say about the high-end style that took 400 hours to complete the design.

Flannery apparently enabled the gown to “show her connection with both the personality and Bella’s spirit” while maintaining Emma’s identity. From a distance, the peach gown could seem like a straightforward evening gown, but up close, you might think differently.

Emma’s unique Louis Vuitton gown, designed by Nicolas Ghesquiere, isn’t the only item of clothing that pays homage to her creative persona as Bella Baxter. A hallmark of Bella’s historical costumes, the peach one-shoulder asymmetric bustier gown bore similarities to her Critics Choice Awards gown with “BB” embellishment.

After deciding to forgo her extravagant London premiere ensemble in favor of a tastefully elegant outfit for the BAFTAs, Team Stone used over 450 hours of labor and 20 meters of fabric to realize this stylish vision. Emma Stone wore a Louis Vuitton dress with a one-shoulder top made of a contrasting silk jacquard and a nearly translucent chiffon skirt that ended in a cushioned band at the bottom. Simultaneously, a bold balloon sleeve on the opposite side conveyed enough flair and drama.

Emma’s creative team carefully designed “custom” looks for her by producing artwork that fitted perfectly to her character. For more than ten years, Petra has been linked to Stone’s brand. She characterizes Stone’s style as “fun, chic, elegant, graceful but with an edge,” all of which were perfectly captured during her press and award show appearances for Poor Things. 

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