“Don’t want to marry again”, says Kelly Clarkson a single mother of two children

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Kelly Clarkson

The popular Hollywood actress, Kelly Clarkson shares that she is not interested in delving into any other relationships. Being a single mother of two River Rose (9) and Remington Alexander (7) she does not feel lonely. She shares the River Rose with her Ex- husband Brandon Blackstock (47) and Remington with ex- partner Clarkson, who is 41 years old.

Kelly Clarkson
Kelly Clarkson with her kids, River Rose and Remy.Kevin Winter / Getty Images

After the separation she feels that she has gone through many obstacles and is not ready to take anything else on her plate. Recently she has moved to New York for shooting the fifth season of her talk show and has clear picture for her family, friends, and career

She said, “I love my kids very much and they are pillars of strength”. Also, I am very thankful for my career, work. Currently I am going well and do not wish for anything else’.

She shared her experience of going through the separation from her ex-partner Blackstock, and how her manager wrote the songs for her latest album “Chemistry”.

The album was recently recognized with a Grammy nomination for Best Pop Vocal Album. Reflecting on her experiences, she acknowledges that love can be difficult.

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“Since the start I have been aware of the complexity in love”, she stated. “I have experienced the sense of love, sadness, loneliness and have understood that love does not remain the same. The equation changes with the time. I don’t mean to sound pessimistic, but I believe we place too much pressure on that word. Sometimes, love means recognizing that a relationship is not healthy for a person involved in it. It’s hard to accept the reality. But for your personal growth you have to face all the hurdles and experience it.

While Clarkson shares that there are less chances of her to get married again and to delve into the responsibilities. But meeting someone is okay for me.

She opened up that when she was getting married for the first time, she was not ready from my mind as she was not in a hurry but her ex-partner needed it due to her religious sentiments. It was his wish to tie the knot and have children.

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