Emma Stone says, “’Learning Not to Care About Reviews” while receiving an award at 2024 Critics Choice Award

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Emma Stone

While receiving the 2024 Critics Choice Award, Emma Stone jokingly said, “’Learning Not to Care About Reviews”

In the award night, personalities that made their presence were; Lily Gladstone, Sandra Hüller, Greta Lee, Carey Mulligan, and Margot Robbie as they were also nominated.

Emma Stone got the nod in 2024 Critics Choice Award under the category of Outstanding Movie Actress of the Year.

Emma Stone

Emma played her role in the “Poor Things as Bella Baxter” for which she was honored with an award on Saturday. While receiving the award she expressed her emotions as she was in shock that she bagged the recognition. She gave the speech at the award event, where she started with “This is absolutely insane”.

The role she played in Emma, 35, portrayed a role of a lady with a newborn. She felt grateful that she got the opportunity to play the role of Bella in her life.

“This role gave me an opportunity to learn something new and unlearn a lot of things. From the learnings, I’m working on unlearning some of the cultural pressures and humiliation that are placed on us,” she remarked.

“I am standing here at the Critics Choice Awards which emphasizes on audience opinion. I’m very grateful to the critics for this,” Stone amused before concluding. However, at the same time I’m trying my best to learn to disregard your opinions sometimes.”

By individually mentioning Lily Gladstone, who was nominated for Killers of the Flower Moon, Sandra Hüller for Anatomy of a Fall, Greta Lee for Past Lives, Carey Mulligan for Maestro, and Margot Robbie for Barbie, Stone also acknowledged the other women nominated in the same category.

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