Getting the Scoop with Alyssa Brook

Photo Credit: Devaughnte Lee @coachgory As a content creator in Hollywood, Alyssa Brook has had the chance to attend some of the top events and premieres alongside some of the biggest names in the world. Starting out as a journalism major in Newcastle, England, she has worked her way up from intern to managing editor … Read more

Isabelle Dubroy Knows Her Worth

Photo Credit: Billy Montgomery LA Isabelle Dubroy is an actress, model, and singer/songwriter. She has been performing as long as she can remember. As an actress, she has booked numerous roles, as a model she has walked the runways of New York and Milan and has a singer/songwriter she is constantly working on new music. … Read more

Jake Diaz is Looking for Adventure

Photo Credit: Personal Collection Jake Diaz is an actor and content creator best known to his fans as the Kidventurist. His unique brand of content is not only engaging but inspiring! His thirst for adventure takes him to some amazing locations. In between adventures, Jake took the time for this interview about his thoughts on … Read more

Luke Judy is Releasing Debut Single

Photo Credit: Teren Oddo Accomplished actor Luke Judy is adding musician to his resume. Luke’s band Duplexity, which also includes his sister Savannah Judy, is releasing their first single ‘Billboards’ on August 2nd. This upbeat single will be streaming on all platforms and their fans will love it! I was thrilled when Luke took time … Read more

Savannah Judy is Hitting the Music Scene

Photo Credit: Shandon Photography Savannah Judy is an actress with an impressive body of work and now this young talent is adding singer/songwriter to her resume. Her debut single “Billboards” is streaming on all platforms August 2nd. The single will be the first of many with her band Duplexity which also includes brother Luke Judy. … Read more

Chelsea Otto Ferary Wants to Hit Rewind

Photo Credit: Personal Collection Chelsea Otto Ferary has a new single out on Spotify called “Rewind”. This is the second original single for this young talent who not only writes the music but also records and produces it herself! I was thrilled when Chelsea took the time for this interview about her new music and … Read more

Julia Culbert is Getting Personal in New Single

Julia Culbert is laying it all on the line in her latest music release. The highly personal song, “When No One’s Looking” is an original about her time in the Troubled Teen Industry. The song is set to stream on all platforms June 30th. I was able to interview Julia about “When No One’s Looking” … Read more

Aubin Bradley is Cherishing Every Moment

Aubin Bradley

Photo Credit: Kelsey Hale Aubin Bradley is not taking anything for granted. A tween starlet known for her role as Lucy Loud on the Nickelodeon hit show The Really Loud House, Aubin is grateful for every step of her journey. She may have followed her sisters into the business but is definitely coming into her … Read more

Catherine Bradley is Gearing up for Season 2 of The Really Loud House

Photo Credit: Kelsey Hale You might recognize Catherine Bradley from her role on The Really Loud House where she plays the prankster loving, ventriloquist Luan Loud. The show has been picked up for season 2 and Catherine couldn’t be more excited. This bi-coastal actress took some time for this interview about her thoughts on social … Read more

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