Bts band members to serve military in South Korea, starting with Jin

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Bts band members
Bts band members

In South Korea it is mandatory to serve to the military for every abled-bodies man. Man’s from age 18 to 28 should serve to military. It is also mandatory for everyone as well as for athletes, traditional singers and dancers. Earlier for upper age issues it was delayed for Bts in 2020.

Now it has been announced that Bts group members will also join military.

Members of K-pop band BTS are to fulfil their requirement to do military service in South Korea, their representatives say. However all the members are excited to serve military and they are honoured to get this responsibility. All able bodied man age from 18 to 28 should serve to military for 18 to 21 months.

However those athletes, classical and traditional musicians and dancers who have won top prizes in competitions, will not serve military as it holds prestige of the country. Earlier in 2020 a bill was passed that musical bands like Bts need to serve military. But later due to upper age bracket it was cancelled. Now after many discussions Bts will serve the military. Moreover in 2020 the upper age bracket for national service was changed to 30. Which means man’s from age 18 to 30 will serve military.

The oldest member of Bts group is Jin who is 29 years old. He will be the first to serve military from Bts. Jin will start the process as soon as his schedule for his solo release is shown at the end of October. He will then follow enlistment procedure of South Korean Government.

Other members will also be joining military depending on their individual plans. Lastly in June the stars of these band announced that they will be focusing on their solo projects.

Bts, beyond the scene or Bangtan Sonyeondan is Germany nominated boys band formed in 2010. From its formation it has gained fame globally and lastly they met Joe Biden, president of America. Now Bts is again gaining fame by joining military. Moreover timing of other band members to join military is not still given properly. But Jin is already ready to join military in October.

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