Kanye West used Ozzy Osbourne’s song without his consent; Waiting for Kanye’s official statement on this

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Kanye West used Ozzy Osbourne

Kanye West has drawn criticism from Ozzy Osbourne for stealing a sample of his song without giving him credit. Osbourne alleges in a post on X that he turned down a request to have a section of a live 1983 rendition of Black Sabbath’s song “War Pigs” used on Kanye West’s new album; but, this week, during a listening party, he learned that the song was utilized in any case.

He “refused authorization since he is an antisemite and has brought untold heartache to many,” according to Osbourne’s letter. “I want no association with this man,” he continued. In an interview with the Jewish Chronicle, his wife Sharon Osbourne stated, “Judaism is the only religion I have, and the only one with which I feel comfortable.”

Ty Dolla $ ign and West, also known as Ye, debuted their collaborative endeavour Vultures this week at a one-hour event in Chicago. December was the intended release date for the album. At the time, it was said that Nicki Minaj’s refusal to allow him to feature an old joint project was the reason for the delay. “That train has left the station, okay, in regards to Kanye?” she asked. “With no disrespect whatsoever. I recently released a brand-new record. I released a song three years ago; why would I do it again? Guys, get moving”, she answered.

After West rapped the line, “And I’m still crazy, bipolar, and antisemite,” the listening party’s livestream was reportedly cut off. I remain the king, too. West issued an apology at the end of 2023 for his earlier antisemitic remarks, which included glorifying Adolf Hitler and threatening to “death con 3” Jews.

Motivated by Iron Man, West had earlier honoured Black Sabbath on Hell of a Life. West has not yet responded with a statement on the copyright controversy.

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