“This is Me” upcoming movie based on life of Jennifer Lopez; Watch at Amazon Prime Video on February 16

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Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is ready to share her life insights with you all through the upcoming movie “This Is Me” on Amazon Prime Video. The 54-year-old pop singer reimagines her life story and romantic tales in this movie, revealing the conflicts that resulted from her repeated marriages to friends.

“This Is Me” movie by Jennifer Lopez shares details about her life and love tales in this movie.

In the movie trailer we got to see extravagant sequences in the film which gave some insights of movies which includes choreography, many weddings, and scenes in which Jennifer Lopez’s friends criticize her regarding love decisions.

The steampunk-inspired set pieces and her conversations about romance with her companions grab attention in the teaser. Jennifer is shocked when a friend says, “We think you might be a sex addict,” amidst the glamour.

 Throughout the teaser, Jennifer’s voiceover highlights her dedication to love, saying, “I know what they say about me, about hopeless romantics, that we’re weak.”

She replied, “I’m not helpless. I discovered the hard way that not all love tales end happily,” the woman explains. “I always said, ‘in love,’ when someone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up.”

The David Meyer-directed video is to debut on Amazon Prime Video on February 16 in order to coincide with the release of her next album of same name.

“This genre-bending Amazon original showcases her journey to love through her own eyes,” stated the movie description on Amazon.com. This panorama, which features amazing choreography, extravagant costumes, and celebrity appearances, is a reflection of Jennifer’s strong heart.

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Fat Joe, Trevor Noah, Keke Palmer, Kim Petras, Post Malone, Sofia Vergara, Jenifer Lewis, Jay Shetty, Neil Degrasse Tyson, Sadghuru, and Derek Hough are all the star-studded cast. As per the sources, singer’s husband Ben Affleck, will also give an appearance in the musical film.

To see the interesting and entertaining chapter of Jennifer Lopez, you need to see this movie. Watch on Amazon Prime Video on 16 February. 

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