Kanye West remarked Drake as a best rapper ever

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Kanye West
Kanye West / image by social media

Kanye West, who hit the headlines many times for his actions, today complimented Drake “best rapper ever”. Not a doubt he also asked derogatory questions on social media about the physical relations of Drake with Kris Jenner.

In the upcoming show, whose trailer has been out, for his forthcoming performance on Drink Champs, Kanye West declares Drake to be the “best rapper ever”.

N.O.R.E than questions Yet about a fresh post on social media he made against Drake and Kris Jenner.

West was apparently removed as a guest for Maverick Carter and LeBron James’ which led to his interview with Drink Champs. Carter provided an explanation for the choice, claiming that West used “derogatory terms” in the postponed interview.

Carter added in a release that “unfortunately, he rehash additional hate speech and highly harmful stereotypes.” “We have decided not to run this series or any of Kanye’s comments,” the statement said.

Due to sharing racist content on Instagram, West’s account was also blocked.

Watch for Ye’s entire performance this weekend on Drink Champs. In 2021, West had already been on the programme.

In the same breath as claiming that Drake is the “best rapper ever,” Kanye West lauded the Canadian musician for engaging in sexual activity with Kris Jenner. The 45-year-old West did not hold back during his third appearance on the Drink Champs podcast.

West first thanked Drake for pulling off the heist before responding by adding that Jenner’s longtime boyfriend of eight years, Corey Gamble, understands exactly what he meant.

“Kris Jenner and Drake did they have sex” A question raised by him.

Drake has maintained a strong friendship with the Kardashian-Jenner family for several years, and in 2013, rumours of a romance between him and Kris began to circulate.

Drake and Jenner posed for a photo at the album release party where Jenner was present, sparking romance suspicions.

As he played at Kylie Jenner’s Sweet 16 party before the release party and allegedly met Kris Jenner there.

Drake dismissed questions about his relationship with Jenner by claiming that the family members count him as a friend.

Drake remarked, “I’m just a friend”. She is in charge. I was attempting to convince her to travel through, but she’s really in town tonight. You never know she could slip in and play a little FIFA”.

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