NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell admired Taylor Swift’s presence at the Champions Tournament; “The Viewership of Game has increased”

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Roger Goodell admired Taylor Swift

NFL Commissioner makes a statement that, the presence of Taylor Swift makes the NFL thrilled.  NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell expressed his admiration for the 34-year-old “Midnights” singer and her passion for sport on Monday. 

“She has had a “wonderful” influence on the crowd since she started dating Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce last year”, he claimed in a news conference before the 2024 Super Bowl.

Goodell, 64, remarked, “I think it’s great to have her part of the game.” 

He continued, “It generates excitement and draws in a new audience of youthful fans, especially ladies, who want to know why their favorite young fan is attending the game. Why does she find this game interesting?”

He went on, “She loves football, aside from Travis, and I think that’s great for us.”

Goodell said that more viewers are turning in as a result of this year’s “great competition” between the clubs. According to him, the fourth quarter of 70% of NFL games has “been within one score.”

Still, he acknowledged that the “Taylor Swift Effect had increased viewership”.

“The ‘Taylor Swift Effect’ is also advantageous,” he said. “Taylor and Travis are both amazing young individuals who appear to be quite happy in this relationship. She likes NFL football because she understands what makes for excellent entertainment.

In response to questions on reports that Swift’s attendance at the games is “scripted,” Goodell scoffed and said there was no setup.

“That one could not have been scripted in any way,” he declared.

Goodell continued, saying that having seen two of the pop star’s Eras Tour performances with his kids and wife, he could see why fans were so devoted to Swift.

“She’s the best of the best, so having her at NFL games and being part of that is nothing but a positive outcome for the sports industry,” he continued. “She is a remarkable performer, she knows great entertainment.”

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