Jason Kelce praises the relationship between Travis Kelce and Singer, Taylor Swift

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Taylor Swift has received the backing of Jason Kelce for his ongoing love affair with Travis Kelce

During Sunday’s 2024 Pro Bowl, the 36-year-old Jason Kelce for the Philadelphia Eagles talked about his brother Travis Kelce’s girlfriend in an interview with NFL Network.

“I’m lucky to have met Taylor at this time. When you encounter someone with that kind of celebrity, it’s amazing to see how amazing, sincere, and grounded they are,” Jason remarked.

He went on to say that Travis’ happiness is all that matters to him though his family is currently getting more media attention.

“My brother and his relationship is undoubtedly an issue of the NFL right now, and the entire matter with that is as long as Trav is satisfied and enjoying life, I’m happy and enjoying life,” Jason said.

“In answer to a query regarding how he and his family are coping with the more media outreach these days brought on by Travis’ romance”, Jason shared his opinions on Swift, 34.

During a recent trip to Disney World with his wife Kylie and their three girls, he claimed to have noticed the media attention they have grabbed, but he’s trying to keep the media away from her family from the public eye. 

Jason remarked, “You strive not to make any modifications or do anything different,” adding that his objective is to “act the way you are and be the same.”

Jason will be cheering for Travis and the Kansas City Chiefs as they play the San Francisco 49ers in the Super Bowl on Sunday in an attempt to win the Lombardi Trophy from the stands in Las Vegas.

He told the NFL Network, “I can’t wait to watch it; it’s going to be an awesome game.” “But yeah, whenever you’re watching a loved one compete, there’s a very prideful feeling that you have that’s very different from competing on your own or watching the game regularly.”

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