Beyonce Madame Tussauds statue revealed at Blackpool; “Beyoncé, not Leah Remini” users comment

Kajal Kashyap
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Beyonce Madame

Social media users are utterly shocked upon seeing the recently unveiled Madame Tussauds statue of Beyoncé, not Leah Remini, at  Blackpool. Certain wax statues bear striking resemblances to the real people on whom they are modeled, while others are utterly unlike them. 

Lady Gaga and Beyonce, two of the biggest names in music, were included in two brand-new fax figures that Madame Tussauds Blackpool in the UK released recently. 

The hitmaker Single Ladies’ wax figure attracted more attention than the former singer’s. On the other hand, social media users have gone crazy, drawing comparisons between the wax figure and American actress Leah Remini.

The Crazy in Love singer is shown in the Madame Tussauds wax figure, which was presented on Wednesday, wearing a striking silver bodysuit with a long dress. 

Silver gloves that match the singer’s figurine are also included. Fans cannot believe that this is not Beyonce, even if there is a little resemblance, primarily due to the long, light brownish-blonde hair.

Social media users rushed to share their reactions shortly after the photographs of the wax figure went viral. It seems that most people agree that the statue more closely resembles the King of Queens star. With the comment, “I thought this was Leah Remini before I opened the pic,” a fan posted the image of the wax figure on X, formerly Twitter. Another fan questioned, “Is that Leah Remini?” in agreement with the comment.

The criticism directed against a celebrity wax figure is not new. A Parisian wax museum faced harsh criticism in October of last year for allegedly “whitewashing” a Dwayne Johnson figure. The WWE star addressed the issue on his Instagram page by reposting a video that was posted on another page.

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“I’m going to have my staff get in touch with our friends at the Grevin Museum in Paris, France, just for the record, so we can work on “updating” my wax figure here with some crucial features and enhancements, like changing my skin tone. And I’ll drop by and have a drink by myself the next day I’m in Paris,” the Black Adam actress wrote.

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