Penelope Cruz portrays the role of co-owner of Ferrari while having “Fear of driving”

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Penelope Cruz has recently portrayed the role of the co-owner of Ferrari but the irony is that he’s not a big fan of cars. In an interview with ELLE, she revealed that her horror experience since childhood has left her with a “fear of driving.”

She recalled the incident, “My sister was run over by a car in front of my eyes when I was 8 or 9 years old and time stopped.” That accident drove her into trauma as she saw her sister losing consciousness.

She explained further, “I was numb in the hospital, telling people, ‘Oh, my sister just got run over by a car. ”

She acknowledged that she “would have been hysterical” if the incident had occurred in her adulthood.

In any case, the recollection continues to have an impact on her today, and when she got the role to portray wife Lura of Enzo Ferrar in Michael Mann’s Ferrari. Cruz was not eager to drive the Ferrari.

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She said that, generally speaking, she is “lucky to have” a certain level of “hypersensitivity in every way; visually, to sound, to people’s feelings,” but that it also causes her to “feel or suffer things more.”

She continued, “One of the primary issues I address in therapy is finding a balance that allows me to continue experiencing those things without taking ownership of them”.

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Dino, Laura’s only son, passed away off-screen in the Michael Mann movie. Cruz remarked of Laura, “Every day is a question of how she makes it through the day.” “They both feel like they failed to save him, and it broke their marriage because she will never be able to move past this tragedy”, she continued.

She claimed she felt under pressure since she was giving her voice for the first time as she is the first person to play the co-owner of Ferrari on television.

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