Travis Kelce was a “shy” person; Football and Taylor Swift’s presence brought in ‘Confident’

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Travis Kelce was a shy person

Travis Kelce, an NFL player was not a confident person throughout his life. He was quite shy and introverted. 

During a pre-Super Bowl news conference on Friday, the 34-year-old Kansas City Chiefs performer admitted that he was a “shy kid” growing up. He also said that his mother Donna Kelce’s “home videos” of him motivated him to become more comfortable in front of the camera which now he loves. 

When reporters questioned Kelce where he gets his confidence from being in front of the camera, he said with a laugh, “Just having that camera on me at all times.” ‘Watching what stupid things I’m going to do next,” he continued.

In all honesty, Kelce said, “I’ve always felt at ease in staying rooms that I’ve been in. I’ve just been lucky enough that, I don’t know, I’ve been able to kind of look into a camera with ease.”

Kelce continued, saying, “For me, sports is the place where I’ve developed confidence in myself.”

“You’ll be amazed to discover that, before I set foot on the field, ice rink, or sports field, I was an extremely shy child,” he remarked. “And then, because I was having fun and succeeding, I let my personality come outside a little bit more.”

“And that helped me to feel more confident about life,” said Kelce.

The Chiefs tight end used his Instagram post on Friday night to promote his team ahead of their Super Bowl participation on February 11.

Kelce captioned a video he posted of his team’s recent AFC Championship victory against the Baltimore Ravens with the words “Las Vegas, NEVADA,” alluding to the city of Las Vegas, where the Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers will play the Super Bowl.

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“It’s an additional memory in his journey that we get to adore, man,” Kelce said to reporters, referring to her girlfriend Taylor Swift, who has always backed him. “And I’m fortunate that I got all the support I need off the field.”

He continued, mentioning Swift, 34, saying, “It gives me a reason to play even more challenging on the field.”

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