Colman Domingo to play the role of Joe Jackson; Michael Jackson Biopic will be released on April 2025

Kajal Kashyap
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Colman Domingo

The star nominated for an Academy Award for the character “Rustin”, Colman Domingo will portray Joe Jackson’s “rich, complex, and flawed character.”

Colman Domingo has been prepared to take on the role of yet another well-known personality after receiving an Oscar nomination.

The Rustin star will play the late Joe Jackson in Lionsgate and Universal Pictures International’s upcoming Michael Jackson biopic, the studios declared in a statement issued on Thursday.

The biographical movie is planned to be released on April 18, 2025, and will have Jaafar Jackson, the nephew of the King of Pop, in the lead role. 

Domingo, 54, who led the Jackson and their daughters Rebbie, La Toya, and Janet from the 1960s through the 1980s, joins him in the role of Michael’s father Joe.

According to the press release, Domingo expressed his excitement about being involved in a film that delves into the complex spirit of the renowned Michael Jackson and his influence on music and culture worldwide.

He went on, “I have a front-row seat to Jaafar’s amazing metamorphosis, in addition to being privileged to play a deep, complicated, and flawed character in Joe Jackson”. 

“My mind was blown when I saw him during rehearsal. The way Jaafar is channelling his late uncle has a divine quality to it. He is just exceptionally talented and embodies Michael to the fullest extent possible”, he continued.

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Producer Graham King of the movie pointed out, “Very few actors possess Colman’s on-screen personality and determination.”

“It is truly a blessing that an actor of such remarkable talent is playing Joe Jackson in the film. We are very thrilled that he will be travelling with us”, he added.

Antoine Fuqua, who is directing the biography, praised Domingo’s “incredible range” as an actor in a statement. He works hard to completely reflect his characters and comprehend their reasons for being and deepest feelings. “Working with an actor who is as passionate and skilled at capturing the several facets of Joe Jackson—as a manager, a husband, and a father—makes me very happy”, he applauded Domingo.

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The director claimed to have been “blown away” by Jaafar’s portrayal of his uncle in an interview. He remarked, “It’s amazing how much he looks like Michael. Sings, dances, and sounds like him”

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