Celebrities in the kitchen including Selena Gomez and many others who can cook

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kitchen including Selena Gomez
kitchen including Selena Gomez/image by social media

We all know that celebrities have a really busy schedule. They can’t have proper time for their family. Similarly many thinks celebrities can’t even cook food. But the reality is different.

Some celebrities have talent in cooking and some even host shows of cooking. Selena Gomez have great love for cooking and she had a diverse collection of cooking goods. Talking about her love of cooking, she called the pots and pans “a celebration of all the ways that we slow down and enjoy time in the kitchen”. Megan Markle is one of the member of royal family. She also shares about her interest in cooking.

She is from royal family and she don’t need to cook food for herself but she once visit to Muslim community, there she joined them while cooking. She wore apron like them and she Cooked food there.

Celebrities like Dolly Parton who is a singer and a songwriter in Hollywood have great fondness of cooking and eating different kinds of foods. Talking about her fondness for food, Dolly said, “I have always loved to cook and, growing up in the South, I especially love that authentic Mom and Pop kind of cooking.”

On the other hand Jessica Alba & Cash Warren had something different story regarding cooking. Actually they cooked food on their date night. Both of them cooked food themselves and made the moment special. Likewise many celebrities cooks food just to spend some quality time with their family and friends. As some celebrities like Selena Gomez also enjoy cooking food.

Many says that cooking good food is a way to people’s heart. So if someone can cook well then they can easily win others heart. So celebrities just cooks food to stay in the spotlight and they can people also remember them as well.

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