Selena Gomez broke the silence over the viral photos of her conversation with her best friend Taylor Swift

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Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez

At the 2024 Golden Globe Awards show, photos went viral of Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift gossiping about something interesting. As per the photos spread across the internet they both were having a conversation into each other;’s ears.

The fans speculated that Selena was talking about Kylie and her boyfriend Timothee. After many photos went viral on social media, Selena Gomez revealed what she was actually talking about.

Finally, the singer broke the silence and cleared the assumptions of followers. As speculations went viral, “Selena was seen narrating an incident to Taylor Swift that allegedly happened between her” that followers co-related to the Timothée Chalamet and Kylie Jenner at the Golden Globes 2024.

Selena commented to E! News on an Instagram post that read: “Did Selena Gomez gossip about Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet at the Golden Globes?

Here’s the truth as she revealed, “I was telling Taylor about two of my friends hooking up by adding a statement that not that it’s anybody’s business”.

There were some more speculations made from the award event that Kylie stopped her boyfriend from posing with Selena at the show.

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But a source confirmed this, “Selena never even saw or spoke to them’. Back in 2019, both the stars Selena and Timothée starred together in the film A Rainy Day in New York.

Selena, who was up for best performance by a female actor in a television musical was seen having fun with celebrities like Taylor Swift, Florence Pugh, and Meryl Streep, among others. She was also spotted having a romance with her boyfriend, Benny Blanco at the event.

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Last February, a rift began between Kylie and Selena over the TikTok video, but later Kylie cleared that they are not shading Selena and she has not even seen that video from where the fight sparked. Later she added, You guys are making something out of nothing. This is silly.”

Selena had replied to her, “Agreed by tagging Kylie Jenner’s official account, it’s all rubbish and I’m a fan of Kylie.”

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