Dolly Parton turns 78 Today; Surprises fans with some new music

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On her 78th birthday, Dolly Parton surprises her fans with new music.
The 78-year-old country music icon Dolly Parton just said that she will be dropping her fans new songs as a birthday present!

Legendary Dolly Parton just revealed new songs as a “gift” to her followers. “Four brand-new, never-before-heard songs are on the way”, she claimed.

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The renowned performer, who is well-known for both her charitable work and her legendary songs, announced on Instagram that a deluxe edition of her album Rockstar will be reissued.

However, there was more good news. The diva also said that certain never-before-heard songs would be included in this deluxe CD as a gift to her cherished friends and admirers. Who will offer this or a better gift on her own birthday?

On Social Media she uploaded a post where she revealed this gift, “I’m going to give you a present because it’s my birthday,”  The tweet went on to claim that in addition to “a few others that you may have heard before that were not on the album,” 4 new brand songs with old unheard songs will be dropped today. 

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After this tweet, fans showered birthday greetings and expressed gratitude for giving this gift to them. Admirers wished Dolly a happy birthday, numerous charming notes were found, including, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOLLY!! I appreciate you making the world a better place. and “I love you, Dolly! I’m grateful. Cheers to your birthday!”

Many other comments were placed on that post praising her as a queen and expressing gratitude for her contribution to improving the globe. Naturally, though, given these are Dolly Parton’s supporters, we also had a few fervent individuals expressing their devotion to Dolly with remarks like, “Say the word and I will go to war for you Dolly.”

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