Shanna Moakler accused Travis Barker upon co-parenting their 2 children

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Shanna Moakler reveals some information about her relationship with Travis Barker regarding co-parenting their children. In the upcoming episode of the Dumb Blonde podcast, the New York Post’s Page Six obtained a preview clip where Shanna made some revelations about her relationship with ex-husband Barker. She told the host Bunnie XO, “Travis and his wife Kourtney Kardashian have been trying to one-up her as a parent”.

A 48-year-old mother of two, Moakler expressed her grief and accused her ex-husband during the podcast. 

Shanna has a 20-year-old son named Landon and daughter Alabama who is 18 years old, with Travis. She has also raised children. She shares daughter Atiana, 24, with ex-Oscar De La Hoya, 50, and whom Travis helped raise.

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In that episode, Moakler called the Kardashians “disgusting,” saying, “I had to give space for my children so that they couldn’t bond over my children hating me.”

She shared that I told him once, “You are free to do what you need and when you’re ready, I will be here loving you unconditionally,” the mom of two went on. “And I will be here as your mother, and I will wait. And that’s what I did.”

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Quoted next to her ex, “When Travis got with Kourtney, there was some parental alienation going on there, where Travis always wanted to be the super dad at those times when we were separated.

At that time he told me that he is the best parent, and many more things, to which I said, “Bro, you win. You have all the money and you have all this”.

Back in February 2022, Moakler had a conversation about co-parenting with Barker in an interview with Entertainment Tonight after her elimination from the Celebrity Big Brother show.

She replied, “My children are my priority, and that’s the point where I and Travis stand with each other”.

She continued, “We have no other agreement, but our children are the most important and their happiness is where we agreed. As long as the Kardashians are good to my kids, that’s all I care about as a mom. The most important thing is to be happy”.

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