Vernon “V-LO The Maestro” Wiggins: Our Next “Breakthrough” Artist

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V-LO The Maestro
V-LO The Maestro / image by social media

The success of emerging artists is shaped by different factors every year. And as 2023 is about to begin, there are more uncertainties than answers on what will happen in the following 12 months—some hints show which musicians are getting close to their significant breakthrough moments. New rappers found methods to stand out during 2022 despite being a very turbulent year, and many of them already show signals that they’re about to advance.

Vernon “V-LO The Maestro” Wiggins has undeniably been on the rise lately. He has been passionate about music his entire life. His desire, shared by many independent rappers, was to be able to see his music video air on BET television. He’d had this idea since he was a little boy in the small town of Washington, Louisiana.

Given that it was Vernon “V-LO The Maestro” Wiggins’ first appearance on BET, “Can’t Phase Me,” was already a highlight for him. The song has developed further and has reached a level of success for him that many independent musicians aspire to. It’s a feat that the MC will undoubtedly never forget.

Recording artist Vernon “V-LO The Maestro” Wiggins, best known by his stage name as V-LO The Maestro, is on the rise. He began his career in 2011 by managing the entertainment for several other musicians. He appreciated being a part of the growth of artists. Since he was surrounded by music all day, he eventually decided that he wanted to be a recording artist on his own rather than merely playing a supporting role.

Not only did he get into making music, but he also started acting! Since he began his voyage, Vernon “V-LO The Maestro” Wiggins has had great success. He has worked with many other great and well-known musicians, like Kevin Gates, Young Buck, Project Pat, Just Brittany, and many more.

V-LO The Maestro
V-LO The Maestro

Additionally, he has collaborated with some of the top producers in the business, including Lewis “Lou Dog” Richards, Scoop Deville, and Ronnie King. among many others, Haven J.

The voyage has only just begun, even though he has already achieved several of his ambitions. Recently, Vernon “V-LO The Maestro” Wiggins was a part of a movie that included Pokey Bear and Momma Dee, two well-known figures in the field. Vernon “V-LO The Maestro” Wiggins is driven and ambitious. He’s constantly working. He aspires to unwavering greatness in his job. He is now concentrating on a cinematic score for the first movie he will executive produce. It’s a thrilling procedure.

Vernon “V-LO The Maestro” Wiggins has discovered never to give up and always stand up for his beliefs. He has sometimes wanted to give up and stop working on things, but he has always persuaded himself that if he does, all he has worked so hard to achieve would be lost. V-Lo The Maestro may have trouble deciding when to give up on a goal but he continues to succeed with his style and dedication.

He doesn’t take any days off from the grind since he is self-motivated, which led him to be an executive producer of motion pictures, actor, musician, and philanthropist.

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