Travis Kelce in news for his recent “Bald Fade” haircut

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Travis Kelce Haircut

Travis Kelce is nowadays dispelling the rumours regarding his new haircut.  In an interview with ESPN prior to the Super Bowl on Tuesday, the 34-year-old tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs took some time to clarify his buzzy fade haircut.

He remarked, “Man, I got a good fade, if you need it,” in the TikTok video. “It’s a two on top, a nice high to mid fade with a taper on the back.”

He laughed and said, “But I didn’t invent that, I merely asked for it.”

He also talked about the online discussion that started after a news source published an article about how fashionable his current haircut dubbed “The Travis Kelce” cut was becoming. 

Travis Kelce Haircut
Travis Kelce Haircut / Social media

The article drew criticism on social media for omitting to mention how prevalent the look has always been among Black people and other communities.

“It’s really absurd. And to do that on February 1st and toss me to the wolves in that manner,” Kelce remarked, alluding to Black History Month’s commencement. “Dude, it was really bad. That one is not something I want to deal with.”

Patrick Regan, Kelce’s barber, has provided multiple behind-the-scenes glimpses into his process of achieving the athlete’s cut, which he refers to as the “skin fade” or “bald fade.” The sides of the style have bald shaves that progressively transition into three-blade shaves.

Regan even pointed out that Kelce’s hairstyle isn’t very unusual or cutting-edge in an Instagram Story post. Over a picture of himself giving Kelce a new haircut, he said in a text caption, “Barbers do this cut all day, every day, for the past 100 years lol.”

Regan, who has been Kelce’s regular barber for the past six years, also disclosed that Taylor Swift, the NFL player’s fiancée, likes his fade.

Earlier this month, he told Fox News, “Taylor loves the haircut.” “She has watched me cut his hair a bunch of times and always compliments it after.”

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