Tom Sandoval wants her ex-girlfriend Ariana Madix to “finally move on”

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Tom Sandoval

The star, Tom Sandoval wished from the heart for Ariana Madix, his ex-girlfriend, to finally move ahead from him and live her life in her way.

The Vanderpump Rules star, 40, expressed his desire for Madix, 38, to “move on” and “leave me behind” during an appearance on The Viall Files podcast on Tuesday. 

This comes after the break-up of Madix’s nine-year relationship with Madix due to his affair with the former costar Rachel “Raquel” Leviss.

Regarding their current relationship, Sandoval remarked, “I think her biggest thing is, like, stop, focusing on; don’t focus any energy on me.” “Go away from me,” he continued. 

Nick Viall, the host, posed the challenge, “That’s not really for you to say.”

In reaction, Sandoval joined on the podcast by friend and co-star Tom Schwartz called out Madix for acting in a way that was “a little spiteful” toward him, adding that “it’s not a good look” all around.

“She has the right to be spiteful”. In support of Madix, Viall, 43, remarked, “When it comes to you.” 

But Sandoval persisted that his former partner had to move on. “No, no, no, no. But let it go after, say, ten months,” he went on. “Go on, keep being who you are. Simply go about your life, do you, forget about me, and never stop living. Simply said, it’s not a nice appearance. All I want is for her to move on. Do you understand what I mean?”.

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In March 2023, Sandoval and Madix’s romance ended when it was revealed that he had been having an affair with 29-year-old Leviss for several months. After season 10 filming concluded, news of the affair leaked out, and Bravo cameras resumed to document the consequences.

After that, Leviss checked into a mental health facility and decided not to return for the show’s season 11 debut.

Furthermore, Sandoval expressed guilt on the show for the way the entire story unfolded and swore never to cheat on his future spouse in the same “way” that he did on Madix.

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After parting ways, they were shooting together. As per the sources, after the breakup of their long-term relationship, Madix was adjusting to live with Sandoval in the episode”.

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