Gypsy Rose Blanchard stood up for his Husband, Ryan Anderson after he received negative comments from haters after his release from prison

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Gypsy Rose Blanchard

Recently, Ryan Anderson was released from prison and he was showered with hatred by followers. But, wife stood up for his love.

Ryan, 32-year-old, was released from prison on December 2, where the couple started getting some hate messages following their images posted on social media.

Here we have witnessed the spark on the internet, where a Wife, Gypsy Rose Blanchard Stood up for her husband as he received the bad comments.

The couple met in prison, where she was serving time in prison as he was alleged for her mother’s Claudine Dee Dee Blanchard murder, who had abused Gypsy and made her undergo unnecessary medical treatments.

He has served the 85 percent of punishment given by law, so he got released. After coming out, she is sharing their images, including her first selfie of freedom and pictures of her and Ryan on social media where people were giving negative comments.

She shared her support on social media handle, Instagram post on January 2, where she wrote ”Ryan do not pay attention to the haters, you love me and I love you. We know that and don’t owe any explanation to anyone”.

She added further, “All that matters to us is our family. If you are getting positive responses on your social media then it’s good, if negative then ignore, “All is I love you”.

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In his support she added another line, “People are jealous because there is something in you, you rock my world every night… yeah, I said it. Happy wife, happy life.”

Ryan replied to the wife’s post. He uploaded the post with a caption, “Who told you that, I am getting affected by these hater’s messages”.

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He added further to the caption, “I don’t care what people say, anyway let’s stay together”. By this, it is proven that Ryan appreciated the support her wife gave in this crisis.

In a recent interview, Ryan said that he reached out to Gypsy in 2020 after watching the documentary “Mommy Dead and Dearest” about her case. Two years later they tied the knot.

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