Selena Gomez’s New Music Album will be released soon, but Maybe the Last One?

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Wait is over But with a little Twist.

The most-awaited music album of Selena Gomez is getting ready for release, But as per the statement this would be her last music album.

We were also shock just like the fans, but she stated that she want to clearly focus on the Acting and

Recently, she interacted through Podcast, where she hinted that after her 2020 album Rare, she might retire from music and focus on pursuing a career in acting.

The news came out through another episode of a podcast which is not released yet. In that Smartless podcast featuring Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes, and Will Arnett, Gomez shared insights of her delving into her career in the entertainment industry and expressed her desire to spend more time on screen rather than in the studio.

selena gomez

Gomez said that she is looking forward to new opportunities for a career path that would allow her to put her roots in the entertainment industry, experiencing acting, singing, and becoming the CEO of Rare Beauty.

Even though she said she thought she had one more album in her, in the perfect world, she would undoubtedly audition for acting.

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In the recent podcast her singing skills were praised and the host advised her to explore more options as sticking to one won’t help in growth. Gomez acknowledged that she needed a rest, saying, “I know you are correct, but now I am going to chill because I’m tired.”

In an interview, she opened about her mental health that got affected due to the busy schedules. She shared some personal experiences that led her to take some medical help, as detailed in her documentary “My Mind & Me.”

She also stated that “This was the reason she had to cancel her tour”.

Recently, Gomez treated fans to the pop track “Single Soon,” which is presumably the lead single from her upcoming album.

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In a recent interview with Vogue Mexico, she shared that her new album will feature no sad songs. The singer achieved a new milestone when her chart-topping hit “Calm Down” was certified triple-platinum by the RIAA, securing its place among the top 10 songs of 2023.

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