Here’s why Ben Affleck’s face is not shown in Jennifer Lopez movie, “This is me… now”

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Jennifer Lopez‘s love story with Ben Affleck served as the inspiration for her next movie, “This is me… now”; despite his appearance in the Amazon original, it’s not what you may expect.

The Oscar-winning director and actor features in This is Me…now: A Love Story, but his brief cameos are obscured in certain moments; in others, he makes an appearance dressed as newscaster Rex Stone.

Putting Affleck in disguise was a creative decision Meyers and Lopez made to emphasize the fact that the Air star remained present in her life, even when they weren’t together. Something Meyers learned when Lopez shared a private book of love letters gifted to her by Affleck when they got back together.

The film’s director, Dave Meyers, tells PEOPLE that he and Lopez, 54, came to this artistic decision to emphasize the star’s psychological development during her and Affleck’s separation.

“We deliberated over the opening scene a lot, but ultimately, we didn’t want to conclude it with the idea that the entire love story was about returning to Ben,” Meyers explains. 

He added further, “That was intentional because all Jen was telling me about herself and her experiences and self-discovery was related to her maturity. Most individuals will be able to relate to that”.

Viewers can witness a dramatized portrayal of Lopez in This Is Me…Now: A Love Story, which follows her through three failed marriages, poisonous relationships, and waves of self-doubt, all set to music from her most recent album. Even while she eventually makes her way back to Affleck a spoiler alert! as his face is never shown.

He is seen, however, as newscaster Stone, whose broadcasts play occasionally throughout the film.

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The film also includes a moment that some fans might find familiar: the image of Lopez happily riding on the back of Affleck’s motorcycle.

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Meyers and Lopez on Thursday announced a new 34-date tour set for this summer. 

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