Jennifer Lopez’s “This Is Me…Now” stars husband Ben Affleck and famous personalities

Kajal Kashyap
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Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez‘s newly released movie This Is Me…Now: An Amazon Original Love Story movie starred other well-known faces. The star’s ambitious new endeavor, which is based on her upcoming album of the same name, stars a wide range of well-known people in humorous cameo appearances, including her husband Ben Affleck, and close friends Fat Joe and Jane Fonda.

Personalities have participated in the role called “Zodiac Love Council”, an astrologically themed organization that gathers to analyze Lopez’s romantic relationships. 

Trevor Noah, the comedian, makes an appearance as a Zodiac Council member. As the zodiac council, actress Sofia Vergara represents Cancer. Accompanying Noah on the zodiac council is the renowned actress Jane Fonda, who portrays the sign of Scorpio. The members of the Zodiac Council include Post Malone, Keke Palmer, and others. 

Director Dave Meyers tells PEOPLE, “It was erratic getting there because we shot them one at a time over three months, and the script changed 50 times.” 

Meyer continued, “We have a great time with them, but they also help the plot because Jen’s character is experiencing a difficult time and they act as a kind of voice to see how those around her are feeling about each stage of her journey.”

The rapper from “Lean Back” makes multiple appearances in the movie as Lopez’s therapist. Three husbands are portrayed by Derek Hough in a crazy, fast-paced wedding scene.

This is me…. Now: A Love Story is available on Prime Video for streaming.

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