Secrets Revealed of “Real Housewives of Salt Lake City’s”, Actress Monica Garcia

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Monica Garcia

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City’s Finale Season has some shocking revelations. Here is an unveiling of a Shocking secret that will leave you speechless.

Amidst the highly watched season four finale of Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, one of the stars was confronted with a shocking revelation by her co-star, Heather Gay.

The secret came out on the episode of 2 January during their group trip to Bermuda, exposing the hidden truths that newbie and fan-favorite Monica Garcia had been desperately trying to hide for long.

Heather Gay was keeping the secret in her stomach throughout the season, but finally, during the episode she shared the shocking truth with Whitney Rose, Lisa Barlow, and Meredith Marks.

The secret reveals that the actress Monica is not showing her real face, she has been plotting, planning, working her way into our friend group, pretending to be our friend. The lady who has been staying with us for long, whose birthday we celebrated, and supported

The woman we thought we knew so close, whose birthday we celebrated and supported, is actually Reality Von Tea(se).

Heather clarified later that Monica proved to be the brains behind the notorious social networking profile for the purpose of targeting Jen Shah, a former star of Real Housewives of Los Angeles, and that she was instrumental in uncovering the national telemarketing scam that ultimately led to Jen Shah’s imprisonment.

She confessed, “The purpose of Reality Von Tea(se) was to show up and demolish Jen Shah on Instagram more than three decades ago. However, it wasn’t finished there. It then spread to troll Whitney, Lisa, Meredith, and myself. We were clueless as to who had been accountable for the persistent character assassination.”

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“Monica chose to remain clean after having a change of heart”, she clarified later. In a matter of minutes, Heather’s phone revealed Monica’s actual identity by showing the snapshots, text conversations, audio files, films, images, and direct messages. The treachery crushed Heather.

During their last meal together on the island, Heather approached Monica after breaking the stunning news to the other cast members.

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