Kelsey Kreppel and Cody Ko enjoys Parenthood; Welcome’s first child named Otis

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Kelsey Kreppel and Cody Ko

Kelsey Kreppel and Cody Ko entered the parenthood phase by welcoming the baby boy as their first child together. They named their son, Otis.

A new mother announced the good news with their social media fans. Ko posted on Instagram, saying, “Our little guy arrived last week and everyone is happy and healthy.”

The YouTubers first shared a picture of their newborn son, Otis, on Instagram on Sunday. .

“Our little guy arrived last week and everyone is happy and healthy,” Cody Ko (née Cody Kolodziejzyk) posted along with a cute photo of Kreppel cuddling the infant under a tree.

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“We feel like the luckiest people in the world,” the 33-year-old Kolodziejzyk said. She expressed her emotions,”We love you, Otis.”

Many of the couple’s YouTuber friends, such as Danny Gonzalez, who also welcomed his first kid lately, and Kurtis Conner, sent their heartfelt greetings.

“Congrats guys,” Conner wished her in a comment, and Gonzalez responded, “Yes!” Congratulations!”

Kolodziejzyk revealed via a second joint Instagram post in August that he and Kelsey were expecting their first child together. During that post they had already revealed the gender of their baby.

The images featured a sonogram, a picture of the couple with matching fake arm tattoos that said “mom” and “dad,” and videos of the couple telling their relatives, all with the comment, “We’re having a baby boy in January,” written by Kreppel.

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The influential pair became engaged almost a year prior, and they were married in February. During an exclusive interview with PEOPLE in November, Kolodziejzyk disclosed that Kelsey had informed him she was expecting a child.

“The rapper Tiny Meat Gang informed the media that we were scheduled to depart for Australia the following day for Iron Man.”  “At the same time, she was messaging me more frequently than she does on normal days, asking when you will be home. It was so weird that I thought, “I’ll be home eventually,” when I finished recording the show or whatever.

But the frequent messages was quite strange, I asked her, “Is something happening?'” She then went on. “No, not just excited to see you”. When I went home we were having dinner where she handed me the pregnancy test. My reaction was “Oh my god.”

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