Scandal Alert: Jimmy Kimmel threatens Aaron Rodgers over his ties with Jeffrey Epstein

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Jimmy Kimmel

The rift between late-night entertainer Jimmy Kimme and Aaron Rodgers has come into the limelight. The quarterback for the New York Jets, a fierce rivalry has gained a lot of attention.

The spark of rivalry has begun due to Jeffrey Epstein as they have come to a disagreement based on the possible publication of a list that includes people connected to notorious felons.

Social media has been eyewitness to Rodgers and Kimmel’s verbal argument in which they have claimed that they will drag each other into court. Kimmel even threatened to sue the NFL player for his remarks.

Let’s read where it started from!

The issue started when Rodgers appeared on the Pat McAfee Show and suggested the possibility that Kimmel was one of the people associated with Epstein, who sadly committed himself in jail on allegations of human trafficking.

Jimmy Kimmel threatens Aaron Rodgers

During the interview, Rodgers clears, “There are groups who are eagerly looking that the list never sees the light of day, including the person Jimmy Kimmel”.

“I have much to say, and I bet that if the list is made available to the public, then I will celebrate

Holding a bottle of something interesting”, added further.

The list mentioned above comprises around two hundred names of people who were connected to Epstein in one way or another, either as his colleagues, former workers, or passengers on his private aircraft. A court in New York has kept the list private, but it could soon be made public. The names John and Jane Do appear in legal documents.

Naturally, Kimmel took offense at the implication made by the starting quarterback for the Jets and responded on the internet. “Just to clear the air, I never personally met, traveled with, went there, or had any kind of interaction whatsoever with Epstein,” he said in his letter “Dear Aa**hole.”

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You won’t come across my identity on any of the “list” other than the blatantly fake stuff that people with delusions like you can’t seem to distinguish between fact and fiction. My family is now in danger because of your careless remarks. We will take this conversation to court if you don’t stop.

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At the end, viewers have been enthralled by this intense confrontation between Jimmy Kimmel and Aaron Rodgers on the possible disclosure of the Epstein list.

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