Fabrice Morvan and Kim Marlowe mutually files for Divorce

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Fabrice Morvan Kim Marlowe

Milli Vanilli, famous for Fabrice Morvan, has decided to part ways with his wife, Kim Marlowe.

On monday lawyer Marlowe started the divorce by filling the documents to end her marriage to Morvan, 57, in Los Angeles County Superior Court, information shared by the documents obtained by PEOPLE.

The wedding of this couple was quite private. In a 1997 interview with the Los Angeles Times regarding personal life and following Milli Vanilli’s swift down from grace due to the R&B duo’s lip-syncing scandal, Marlowe was described as the musician’s “manager and best friend.”

One year ago, Morvan shared with PEOPLE that currently living in Amsterdam with partner Tessa van der Steen. They share four children; Sacha, 10, Solange, 7, and twins Paris and Vince, 2.

Marlowe and Morvan seem to have a working relationship. He was an executive producer on the Paramount+ documentary of Milli Vanilli. He was pictured at the film’s premiere in June 2023 alongside Marlowe and van der Steen.

The documentary chronicled Milli Vanilliand’s rise to fame in the late 80s with hits like “Girl You Know It’s True” and “Blame it on the Rainquot; After the duo’s breakup, it was revealed that he and bandmate Rob Pilatus were not the singers of Milli Vanilliand’s hits.

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Since then, Morvan told PEOPLE, what fatherhood brought light to his life: “It healed me, because suddenly it became important.”.

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