Jessica Klepser advises, “Spread Love and Be kind to your loved ones” after loosing Oliver and her daughters in a plane rash

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Jessica Klepser

“Hug your loved ones, share your feelings with them, be kind to each other,” says Jessica Klepser over losing her ex-husband Christian Oliver and two daughters Madita and Annik in a plane crash.

She advises after this tragic accident, “Stop arguing and worrying about the small stuff. It’s not worth it. Life is too precious and we are all in this together.”

Jessica Klepser
Jessica Klepser / image social media

A week ago, the plane crashed in the Caribbean where her daughters, Oliver and their daughters lost their lives. As per sources; they were traveling from the J.F. Mitchell Airport in Paget Farm to St. Lucia. Police authorities said that the pilot who also lost his life was operating a small single-engine aircraft that experienced difficulties and plummeted into the ocean moments after take off.

Jessica expressed her gratitude over condolences and support she got during these difficult times. She shared that she has received an outpouring of love since the tragedy and cannot be expressed.

On Monday she shared the heartfelt note on Instagram post;

“From those closest to my heart, from my community, from people far away, from complete strangers. I see the messages, I hear the words and it gives me so much strength,” her statement read.

She always encouraged followers to spread love. She still feels Madita’s, Annik’s and Christian’s love. For her they are very close to her heart, and watching her.

This was an extremely difficult time for Klepser. She stated, “I am blessed to have Madita and Annik in my lives and the moments we shared together. I cherish the lovely moments of pool parties, sleepovers, school performances, and Disneyland trips to hold in my heart,”, shared by her in a statement.

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Her daughter, Madita was remembered for her academic, dance and singing skills. Whereas her second daughter Annik was known for her passion for basketball, swimming, and various forms of art. Oliver is remembered for his appearances in films such as The Baby-Sitters Club, The Good German, Speed Racer, and Valkyrie.

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