Samuel Theis fired from latest project followed by rape accusations

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Samuel Theis

One of the most prominent French actor and director Samuel Theis has allegations of misconduct and rape of a crew member on his latest directorial project, Je Te Jure (translation: I Swear). Since these allegations over the director, he has been fired from the project.

The actor is famous for his role Samuel Maleski in the film Anatomy of a Fall which recently won a Golden Globe Award.

As per the French newspaper quoted, On Friday the incident took place at a party where the production team rented an apartment back in 2023.

The crew member reported that he was too drunk to consent to a sexual encounter with Theis. He stayed in a rented apartment and alleges the following morning he was raped by Theis.

As per the reports, “Theis gave a statement that their encounter was consensual”. Theis’ attorney, Marie Dosé, gave a quote on this incident. I am not contacted about an ongoing investigation and am not aware of an official complaint”.

The production carried out the investigation by an independent organization. It was delivered in September and it was 300 pages long. In conclusion part it wa written that, “There were no elements qualifying what happened of a sexual assault,” Dosé told media.

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She also shared that a witness alleges Theis and the accuser were in a “tender moment.”

After this incident, crew members immediately quit the production; news shared by a source. The sudden departure affected the film’s Avenue B Productions to check the remainder of the production. So, the company had to outsource the organization to conduct an internal investigation within the cast and crew.

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