Kristin Juszczyk’s designs get more exposure; Exclusively Designed for her husband for the NFL Super Bowl tournament

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Kristin Juszczyk's designs get more exposure

At last, Kristin Juszczyk is getting her husband, Kyle Juszczyk, ready for the big Super Bowl game against the 49ers.

“I believe he has made amends. Before the 2024 Super Bowl”, the 29-year-old designer tells PEOPLE in an exclusive interview that she has partnered with FedEx because “he deserves it.”

“For the Super Bowl, I’ve made Kyle something extra special. Everybody will be thrilled with it, in my opinion,” she says. “We were just waiting for that huge occasion, although we’ve had this idea for a long time. We may have finally figured it out. Thus, we’re ecstatic. Cross your fingers. I eagerly forward everyone seeing it.”

Kristin teases that she’ll be wearing a unique look in addition to an ensemble for her husband’s Super Bowl debut. “It’s a clear mental piece, and I believe it has a story behind it that everybody will acknowledge,” she says.

According to Kristin, Kyle has been her biggest supporter ever since she started her fashion business. The couple tied the knot in July 2019.

“He has simply been amazing. I mean, I know that he’s had an equally tough week, month, and year. He’s therefore the ideal spouse,” Kristin remarks. 

She praised him by saying, “I guess people witness only fleeting flashes of him supporting me, but that’s not even 5% of what makes him the best partner ever.”

Kyle, 32, said to reporters in January, including The Athletic, that seeing his wife’s design brand soar online has been a “pure joy.” 

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Following the NFL-inspired ensembles that Taylor Swift, Simone Biles, and Brittany Mahomes wore this season, the 49ers fullback poured praise for his wife’s brand on social media. In response to a few postings on X showcasing Kristin’s creations, which frequently involve her transforming jerseys and t-shirts into unique ensembles for game days, Kyle made sure to give credit to Kristin in the comments section and ensured she received exposure.

Super Bowl LVIII, which will feature the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers, will be broadcast on CBS on February 11 at 6:30 p.m. ET.

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