An Actor from Rocky, Predator, and The Mandalorian “Carl Weathers” died at 76; Family, Friends and Fans paid tribute to late actor

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Carl Weather

An actor Carl Weathers, who starred in movies like Rocky, Predator, and The Mandalorian, passed away at the age of 76. His representative issued a statement on his demise, Weathers “died peacefully in his sleep” on Thursday, February 1. The report was covered by Deadline and Variety on Friday. 

The family said, “We are deeply saddened to announce Carl Weathers’ passing. Carl was an exceptional human being who led an extraordinary life. He has made an enduring impact on movies, television, the arts, and sports, and he is well-known both internationally and among different generations. He was a cherished friend, partner, father, grandfather, and brother.”

Former NFL linebacker Weathers portrayed boxer Apollo Creed in the Rocky flicks, beginning with the 1976 original, starring opposite Sylvester Stallone. He most recently starred as Greef Karga in the Star Wars series The Mandalorian, for which he received an Emmy nomination. He previously co-starred with Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 1987 film Predator.

In addition to playing the protagonist in 1988’s Action Jackson, the actor also starred in two noteworthy humorous roles: as himself in the television series Arrested Development and as Chubbs in the 1996 golf comedy Happy Gilmore starring Adam Sandler.

Weathers stated to British GQ in 2020 that he believes there is a distinction between an “actor” and a “movie star.”

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Pascal, 48, mourned over his death and posted a flashback photo of his late co-star on Instagram with the caption, “Words are inadequate” and added the hashtag #CarlWeathers.”

In a message posted to the official Star Wars website, Jon Favreau, the man behind The Mandalorian, also paid a tribute to the deceased actor.

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He commented, “I am heartbroken by this devastating loss. I had the incredible good fortune to work with him after meeting him, who was a childhood hero of mine”. 

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