Usher candidly talk about Justin Timberlake; Says, “I wouls love to work with him”

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Usher Justin Timberlake

Both Justin Timberlake and Usher became renowned in the music industry in the early 2000s. All thanks to their good looks and pleasant voices. Even the Super Bowl has featured both of them. However, they are not rivals.

Usher, 45, talks about being in comparison to Timberlake, 43, and what their relationship has looked like over the years in an extensive interview for this week’s PEOPLE cover story.

“I believe individuals probably need to find contrasts, yet we each are unique artists and have our innovative thinking,” Usher adds. “I collaborated with the producers he works with because I adore them.” Additionally, I believe that he collaborated with the producers because he truly likes them.”

Usher, on the other hand, was influenced as a child by the way that singers such as Bobby Brown, New Edition, and the Boys combined the genres of hip-hop with R&B. When he was a kid, he hustled to get into the music industry. 

Usher claims he attempted to collaborate with Timberlake when they both became well-known solo performers years later. “I’ve always desired to do an album with Justin and have sought out numerous times, but we’ve never been able to make it work,” he continues. “I think that he’s an amazing performer.”

The star claims that everything has transpired exactly as it should have. 

Fans may enjoy the new albums from both artists this year: Usher’s Coming Home, which was released on February 9, and Timberlake’s Everything I Thought I Was, which is slated to release in March.

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